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Powerful Lines Management Screen

Our Game Admin screen is much more than a simple tool to move the lines. Monitor the action per game, apply limits per-game, and easily adjust the line and juice. All from within the same screen.

Juice and Max Moneyline Setup

Easily apply -105, -120, or any other vig setup to all or individual players. Per sport, league or even bet type (spread, moneyline, etc). Apply max moneylines to automatically hide heavy favorites or underdogs.


Break down your players performance in detail and get insights from their betting patterns. Then use our powerful backend tools to adjust juice, limits, offerings, and much more to increase your bottom line.


Tired of dated sportsbook layouts that makes your players traverse through multiple screens to enter a simple ticket? Your players will enjoy their betting experience on our modern bet-slip sportsbook.

Powerful Sportsbook Management Tools

We have created a powerful, yet easy-to-use sportsbook management backend that allows you to take control of your operation like never before. More control means more nuance in the things that you allow you players to do. More nuance means a tighter, more profitable book.

Monitor your book’s exposure, adjust lines, limit per game

The game admin screen is your hub to monitor the action on each game. Additionally you can adjust each game odds to aim for a well-balanced book. Furthermore, choose to apply a max wager per game, or remove the line altogether. The game admin screen also shows you the volume, risk, and to-win amount on a per-game basis.

Control your players’ profile like never before with the most feature-rich Customer Admin screen

The customer admin screen is the place to control what you players can and cannot do. From basic limits, to parlay and teaser settings, to allow or deny action per sports or league, max moneylines and juice setup. Everything is there at your fingertips.

Take control of your business for as little as $9 per head!

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