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Building a profitable player's sheet translates into making extra money every season. This means, not only knowing your players' behaviors, but also applying adjustments to your book (even on a player's basis) to encourage them to play in the sports, leagues, and games where they make YOU the most money.

We offer more than just the most powerful pay per head sportsbook on the market. Our exceptional service goes beyond that. With our dedicated and experienced customer service team, you'll not only be able to identify the top and worst players, but also delve into a deeper level of understanding. This includes analyzing the best and worst sports, leagues, game types, and more. Armed with this knowledge, you can make strategic adjustments to your book, maximizing the profitability of your pay per head sports betting business to its fullest potential.

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Easily adjust every aspect of your sportsbook right from within the online backend

Limit your Exposure

Control the exposure on your pay per head sportsbook. Set a maximum wager, not only by sport, league (NFL, CFB, etc.), period (1st half, 2nd half, quarters, etc.), bet type (spread, moneyline, team total, etc.), but also establish an 'early lines limit.' This lower wager limit remains in effect until a specific number of hours before kickoff or a designated time of day is reached.

Juice and Max Moneyline Setup

Stop taking action on ridiculous moneylines. Some players are willing (and able) to take substantial risks for an almost sure-fire chance to win big. Simply choose your risk tolerance, and any lines exceeding your chosen threshold will not be displayed to your players. Additionally, consider increasing the juice on the periods, leagues, or sports that your players love to bet on. If they don't complain, it translates into more profits for your pay per head sportsbook.

Ridiculous control over the betting lines you offer to your players

Don't want to take action on NBA quarters team totals?Done. Line's gone. This, coupled with the key insights from our customer supports team, you can pinpoint the most profitable bet types and sports within your pay per head sportsbook.

Most Advanced Sports Betting Lines Pay per head Sportsbook Management Tool

Our 'Game Admin' tool is, by far, the most advanced in the pay per head sportsbook market. From within the same screen, monitor the number of tickets you have received on each game and the total money at risk in the PPH sportsbook. Based on this, you can then choose to adjust the line to achieve a more balanced sportsbook.

Transform Your Sportsbook with our Data-Driven Pay Per Head Team

Looking to take your sportsbook to new heights of success? Look no further! Our data-driven pay per head team is here to revolutionize your operation and maximize your profits.

Pay per head sportsbook data-driven insights
This chart shows how this player how a single $1500 ticket made the difference between a profitable and non-profitable player for the sportsbook. Most of his tickets were of less than $500, and there were only two tickets for amounts higher than that. The sportsbook could have avoided losses with this player simply by setting a maximum wager limit of $500, which is lower than their typical betting amount.

Picture this: You discover that one of your players consistently rakes in winnings on NBA quarter team totals. Why not seize the opportunity and increase the juice during these periods? By doing so, their wins will be tempered, while their losses will be magnified, resulting in a more lucrative outcome for your book.

Alternatively, let's say a player has been performing exceptionally well in the past couple of weeks. They might even be in the positive in terms of lifetime balance. However, our data-driven insights reveal that historically they tend to lose, except during the MLB season when they excel. In such a scenario, instead of cutting ties with the player, you can confidently keep them on board, knowing that you'll recoup your investment (with significant profits) when the NBA and NFL seasons kick off.

But our commitment to your success doesn't stop there. We understand that every sportsbook is unique, and that's why our experts provide personalized recommendations tailored to your specific needs. You'll receive actionable suggestions that align with your goals, helping you achieve long-term profitability.

Join the ranks of successful sportsbook owners who have already experienced the game-changing impact of our data-driven pay per head team. Don't settle for mediocrity when you can elevate your sportsbook to greatness. Take the leap and unlock your full potential today.

Powerful PayPerHead Sportsbook Management Tools

We've developed a robust and user-friendly pay per head sportsbook management backend that empowers you to have unprecedented control over your operation. With this advanced system, you can finely tune the options available to your players, resulting in a more refined and profitable book.

pphsportsbook agent backend

Monitor your book’s exposure, adjust lines, limit per game

The game admin screen is your hub to monitor the action on each game. Additionally you can adjust each game odds to aim for a well-balanced book. Furthermore, choose to apply a max wager per game, or remove the line altogether. The game admin screen also shows you the volume, risk, and to-win amount on a per-game basis.

Control your players’ profile like never before with the most feature-rich Customer Admin screen

The customer admin screen is the place to control what you players can and cannot do. From basic limits, to parlay and teaser settings, to allow or deny action per sports or league, max moneylines and juice setup. Everything is there at your fingertips.

Modern, bet-slip sportsbook your players will love

We've developed a robust and user-friendly pay per head sportsbook management backend that empowers you to have unprecedented control over your operation. With this advanced system, you can finely tune the options available to your players, resulting in a more refined and profitable book.

Stop offering your players an outdated and cumbersome sportsbook? It's time to revolutionize their betting journey with our modern pay per head bet-slip-enabled sportsbook. Designed to keep your players engaged and craving for more, this cutting-edge platform is the game-changer you've been waiting for.

Say goodbye to clunky interfaces and hello to a seamless betting experience. Our pay per head sportsbook's sleek and intuitive design ensures that your players can effortlessly navigate through various betting options, placing their wagers with ease and efficiency. With our advanced bet-slip functionality, they can customize their bets, explore multiple markets, and enjoy a tailored experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Don't settle for mediocrity when you can offer your players an unparalleled betting experience. Stay ahead of the curve and cement your position as a market leader. Upgrade to our modern pay per head bet-slip-enabled sportsbook today and watch your player retention and revenue soar to new heights. Get in touch with us now to take the first step toward a brighter, more profitable future.

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