Payperhead Sportsbook Reviews:Features+Pricing[Screenshots]

January 30, 2020
We visited the top PPH Sportsbook providers and here are the results. Compare Features and Pricing. Plenty of images and details to make up your mind.

What is risk free money betting, no deposit, and sign up bonus

February 18, 2020
Increase your player base by using some of the same promotions and techniques established sportsbooks use to encourage referrals and new sign ups.

How Parlay Betting Works, Moneyline Parlay, True Odds & Payouts

February 25, 2020
Learn how parlay betting works and everything around it. Moneyline vs Point Spread parlays, Key parlays, standard vegas payouts, and True odds parlays.

Winning parlay system and moneyline parlay strategy [EXPLAINED]

March 02, 2020
Learn about different parlay systems sports bettors use and what settings are available to limit your sportsbook's exposure to parlay action.

How To Manage Your Pay Per Head Sportsbook Bankroll Efficiently

March 05, 2020
How much money do you need to start your sportsbook? How large of wagers should you allow? How to use a layoff account? And settings for less exposure.

What is an online bookie master agent + commission systems

August 11, 2021
The US sports betting industry is growing at a rapid rate, following the repeal of PASPA, presenting first-mover opportunities in many different states. With that, operations will become larger and more complicated. An online bookie master agents system for sports betting agents allows you to take a step back from day to day player management […]

What is an if bet, if win only bets? PPH settings [If bets explained]

August 12, 2021
  An If Bet appeals to the more conservative, low bankroll player. This article will explain how do if bets work and provide detail on the different types of If Bets (ifi win bets, if action bets, reverse if action bets) available to players, whilst providing first-hand insight into the rules and strategies commonly used. […]

How do players use hedge betting for risk and profit distribution? (with Examples)

January 05, 2022
What does hedging your bets mean in Sports betting? What is hedging your bets? No matter what type of investing is done, whether it is financial or sports betting, hedge betting is a vital strategy as a way of protecting oneself from risk and ensuring that in the long run the player is securing profits […]

What are sharp players and how to identify them?

March 03, 2022
If you run a sportsbook, you need to be constantly on the lookout for sharp players. Those are professional bettors who could ruin your book in just a few hours. Looking for certain signs can keep you from losing to sharp players. Keep reading to find out how to spot them. (If you are new […]

Increase your profit with smart use of reduce juice vig betting

November 11, 2022
Have you ever wondered what is juice in betting? It’s a term you hear more from professional bettors and bookies, but it refers to the cost of placing a bet with a book. This article will explain exactly what the juice is, what reduced juice betting is, and why it matters to you as a […]
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