Exploring 1st Quarter 3 Way Bets

July 11, 2023

In the world of sports betting, the excitement and anticipation of each game's outcome often captivate sports bettors. However, there's a lesser-known avenue that adds a new layer of intrigue and strategic thinking to the mix: betting on quarter bets. While many fans are familiar with traditional full game bets, exploring the realm of 1st quarter 3 way bets offers a unique and thrilling experience.

In this blog post, we will delve into the realm of quarter betting, where the focus shifts to specific quarters within a game. By examining quarter-specific data, analyzing momentum shifts, and considering lineup changes, we'll uncover the strategies and advantages that quarter bets bring to the table. So, get ready to enhance your sports betting prowess and unlock a whole new level of excitement as we explore the world of betting on quarter bets.

Throughout the article, we will also offer recommendations to sports betting bookmakers who utilize our pay per head sportsbook software These suggestions aim to help them maximize their earnings from quarter bets.

How betting on quarters is different than betting on the full game?

Betting on quarters is a type of prop bet that allows you to wager on the outcome of each quarter of a game. This can be a great way to add excitement to a game and to try to win some extra money.

Betting on quarters differs from betting on the full game in a few key ways:

Timeframe: Betting on quarters allows players to focus on shorter segments of the game, providing more immediate results compared to betting on the full game. This can be appealing if you prefer quicker outcomes.

Variability: Quarters can exhibit different dynamics compared to the overall game. Teams may strategize differently in various quarters, leading to different performance levels. Analyzing quarter-specific data can provide a more nuanced understanding of team behavior and performance.

Odds adjustments: Moneyline odds for quarters may differ from the full game, especially if sportsbooks perceive an advantage for a team in a particular quarter. Factors such as momentum, lineup changes, or team tendencies in specific quarters can impact the odds. We have previously have written about how to limit your sportsbook’s exposure by looking at Parlay odds and Moneylines Underdogs.

Local bookmakers who utilize our pay-per-head sportsbook software have the flexibility to determine the sports, leagues, periods, and specific types of wagers they wish to offer for quarter action. To make changes, simply access the "allow/deny" screen, select the desired sport, and deactivate the option. This will result in the removal of the quarter line, ensuring that it is not available to your players.

quarter bets - allow deny setting payperhead sportsbook

(the allow/deny screen is unique to our payperhead sportsbook software solution)

Do 4th quarter bets include overtime?

No, 4th quarter bets do not include overtime. Overtime is considered a separate period of play, and bets on the 4th quarter will only be settled based on the scoring in that quarter.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, some sportsbooks offer bets on the "final quarter" or the "last 5 minutes" of a game. These bets will include any scoring that occurs in overtime, as long as it happens within the specified time period.

It's important to read the terms and conditions of any bet before you place it, to make sure you understand what is and is not included.

Tips for betting on quarters

  • Focus on games with high scoring potential. If you're looking to make a profit on quarter bets, you'll want to focus on games where you think there will be a lot of scoring. This means looking at games between teams that are evenly matched, as well as games where both teams have high-powered offenses.
  • Don't be afraid to make live bets. If you're watching a game and you see that one team is getting off to a hot start, you can make a live bet on them to win the quarter. This can be a great way to take advantage of changing momentum or to hedge your bets if you're not sure who will win the full game.
  • Set a budget and stick to it. It's important to set a budget before you start betting, and to stick to it no matter what. This will help you to stay within your means and to avoid getting into debt.

You can choose to enable the in-game live betting hub for your players. Live betting has become increasingly popular among sportsbooks due to its potential for higher profits. Based on an advanced algorithm, it continuously adjust the odds and lines during a game based on real-time developments, which can create more opportunities for your sportsbook to generate income, including on 1st quarter 3 way bets. Additionally, live betting attracts more wagering activity, leading to increased betting volume and potential profits for the local bookie using our pay per head sportsbook solution.

quarter bets live betting pay per head sportsbook

(the in-game live betting hub is available when using PPHSportsbook.net's pay per head software)

What is a 1st quarter 3 way bet?

A 1st quarter 3-way bet is a bet on the outcome of a first quarter of a game that includes a third option: a tie. This type of bet is typically offered in sports where a tie is possible, such as soccer, hockey, and basketball.

To win a 1st quarter 3-way bet, you must correctly predict the outcome of the 1st quarter. The three possible outcomes are:

  • Team A wins: This means that Team A will score more points than Team B in the quarter.

  • Team B wins: This means that Team B will score more points than Team A in the quarter.

  • Tie: This means that the two teams will score the same number of points in the quarter.

The odds for a 1st quarter 3-way bet will vary depending on the teams involved and the likelihood of a tie. In general, the odds will be lower for a tie than for a win by either team.

Here is an example of a 1st quarter 3-way bet:

  • You bet $100 on Team A to win the first quarter of a soccer match between Team A and Team B.
  • The odds for Team A to win are -120, which means that you will win $83.33 if your bet is successful.
  • The odds for a tie are +300, which means that you will win $300 if your bet is successful.
  • The odds for Team B to win are +100, which means that you will win $100 if your bet is successful.

If Team A wins the first quarter 3-way bet, you will win $83.33. If the game is tied, you will win $300. If Team B wins the first quarter, you will win $100.

As a local bookmaker utilizing our pay-per-head sportsbook solution, you have the ability to manage your risk exposure effectively through the "max wager" limits screen. This feature allows you to set limits for both "call" and "inet" wagers, depending on whether your player places their bet over the phone or online. Furthermore, you have the option to establish an early limit maximum wager, which will be applicable X number of hours before the game starts or at a specific time during the day. This screen also provides the flexibility to hide the line until a certain number of hours prior to kickoff. Additionally, you can set a maximum wager exclusively for parlays involving the specific type of quarter line (e.g., 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.). By utilizing these settings, you can effectively manage risk and enhance your control over your sportsbook's exposure and don't go over your bankroll.

(Learning how parlay pushes work and how you can limit your sportsbook's exposure when accepting this type of action is another great addition to your pay per head bookie's arsenal. Check out this article that covers parlay pushes, over/under parlays, and parlay payout management.)

1st quarter 3 way betting - max wager screen pay per head sportsbook

(Limit the max wager limit on 1st quarter lines using the "max wager" screen available when using PPHSportsbook.net as your pay per head sportsbook provider )

How to bet on "team to win each quarter" bet?

A win every quarter bet is a type of prop bet that allows you to wager on whether or not a team will win every quarter of a basketball game. To win a "win every quarter bet", your chosen team must win every quarter individually, from the first through to the fourth. If there is a tie on any of the quarters, the bet will be void and all bets will be refunded.

Quarter Betting Strategies

When betting on quarters, here are four general strategies you can consider:

  • Analyze Quarter-Specific Data: Focus on analyzing quarter-specific data to identify patterns and trends. Look at teams' performance in specific quarters, their scoring averages, offensive and defensive efficiency, and any other relevant statistics. This can help you identify teams that tend to start strong or finish quarters strongly, giving you an edge in making informed betting decisions.
  • Momentum Betting: Another advice sports bettors may find useful is to pay close attention to momentum shifts within a game. If a team finishes a quarter strongly or has been building momentum throughout the period, they may carry that momentum into the next quarter. Consider placing bets on teams with positive momentum, as it can impact their performance and potentially lead to a point differential that aligns with your wager.
  • Lineup Changes and Player Impact: Stay updated on any lineup changes or player substitutions during a game. Key players entering or leaving the court can significantly impact a team's performance within a specific quarter. If you have insights into how certain players contribute to their team's success, you can use this information to your advantage when betting on quarters.
  • Live Betting: Utilize live betting platforms to place wagers on quarters in real-time. Live betting allows you to observe the flow of the game and make informed decisions based on the current situation. As the game progresses, you can assess the teams' performance, momentum, and potential point differentials to find advantageous betting opportunities for specific quarters.

Remember, It's important to conduct thorough research, stay updated on team news, manage your bankroll responsibly, and exercise caution when placing bets. Additionally, consider combining these strategies with your own analysis and insights to make well-informed betting decisions.

As a local bookmaker utilizing our pay-per-head sportsbook solutions, you can rest assured that you won't encounter any issues with slow or inaccurate betting lines. Our experienced lines managers, supported by sophisticated algorithm-based detection systems, ensure that the lines are adjusted promptly and efficiently, resulting in your book offering the sharpest lines in the industry. This is specially important when you consider sharp players that constantly monitor betting lines and implement NFL, MLB, or even NBA betting strategies.

Furthermore, our grading department is known for its exceptional speed in settling tickets and promptly updating your players' balances. This swift process allows your players to have their funds available quickly, enabling them to continue placing their bets without any unnecessary delays.

quarter betting - sharp lines pay perhead sportsbook

(An image of the frontend of the pay per head sportsbook. Different skins are available to your players. Sharp lines are guaranteed on PPHSportsbook.net)

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